For many people growing old brings great joy and fulfillment, but there is unfortunately the associated increased risk of disability and illness. Older people are more susceptible to progressive illness, such as Alzheimers, are more likely to experience a catastrophic event such as a stroke or serious fracture after a fall and, are more likely to suffer from heart, lung, liver and other major organ problems. Disability and illness limits the autonomy of older people, introduces dependence, reduces the quality of life and increases the risk of nursing home admission and premature death. Added to these individual health problems is the enormous economic burden presented to society by disability among our older population. There is an urgent need for research into age related illnesses and effective intervention programs. AAAI supports research into healthy ageing and disease prevention for older people at the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA). Medical research teams at CERA are studying the reasons why ageing increases the susceptibility to diseases that particularly affect older people and is developing new therapies for prevention and treatment of these diseases. Without AAAI funding, many of the research programs would not have been brought to a successful completion. Why AAAI You are here:  > About AAAI > Why AAAI THE GROWING RISE OF OLDER PEOPLE            Source: Australian Dept of Treasury Australia’s Demographic Challenges Population Growth Indices by age group