You are here:  > Events >  Ritchies Benefit Card Ritchies Community Benefit Card Program What is Ritchies Community Benefit Card Program? Note: Ritchies Community Benefit Card Program is not a singular event but rather a continuing program. Occasionally, AAAI supporters provide information and display promotional material at selected Ritchies stores. Ritchies Community Benefit Card is a program that donates 0.5% of the money you spend on groceries and liquor to a club, school or charity of your choice. In other words, if 20 people spending $25 a week use an AAAI nominated Card then AAAI receives the minimum monthly donation of $10. Obviously, the more people who use the Card and nominate AAAI as the recipient, the better. Ask for your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card at a Ritchies supermarket or liquor store. Enter Ageing And Alzheimers Institute as the name of charity recipient of a donation from Ritchies. Your name or address is not required; only the name of the organisation that will receive the donation is required. When your Community Benefit Card is issued, it can be used immediately. Choose between a key tag or a plastic card. Present the card or key tag every time you shop at Ritchies. Here's how it works More information To get more information about Ritchies Community Benefit Card Program and to read some examples of how it has helped the community, visit their web site, Kay Worrall and Graham Felton encourage shoppers to sign up for the Ritchies Community Benefit Card Program