You are here:  > Funded Research > Population Studies into Ageing The study of the distribution and causes of diseases, disabilities that particularly effect older people is often described as "Population Studies into Ageing". When more precise statistical methods are used to investigate the associations between risk factors and disease outcomes in older human populations and, when data comparisons are made between different groups, the term “Epidemiology of Ageing" is often used. The findings of epidemiological research do not generally relate to individuals but instead are intended to provide information on broad population groups. In both of the above broad classifications, "Population Studies" and "Epidemiology", AAAI provides funding to assist in formulating the research projects, the analysis of the data and, ongoing investigations. The focus of this research is, among other objectives to;   examine the reasons for falls, instigate correct osteoporosis measures, establish sound health outcomes, and to develop a proper evidence base model for the management of health problems in older people. CHAMP is the world's most comprehensive study of the health of older men, with nearly 3000 participants. Despite the fact that men who reach the age of 65 still have much lower life expectancy than women of that age, very little research has been done on the health of older men. CHAMP has been designed to fill this gap. CHAMP will provide important new information on the role of reproductive hormones in ageing men; risk factors for several age-related diseases, including osteoporotic fractures and Alzheimers disease; and prevalence, incidence and consequences of the major health problems affecting older men. The Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project - CHAMP Research Team Funding Funding from AAAI has also enabled evidence on falls prevention and, results of muscle strength and physical performance based on data from CHAMP to be presented to the International Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology. Professor Cumming is the Chief Investigator for the CHAMP study and other researchers, investigators include; Professor David Handelsman, Professor Markus Seibel, Associate Professor Vasi Naganathan, Dr Louise Waite, Dr Helen Creasey AM, Professor Fiona Blyth, Dr Vasant Hirani and Professor David Le Couteur AO Population Studies into Ageing (and the Epidemiology of Ageing)