You are here:  > Funded Research > Geriatric Dentistry About Professor Clive Wright AM Professor Wright is no stranger to dentistry research having held senior appointments with both the Dental Health Services Victoria and the NSW Department of Health. He is the recipient of several National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) research grants into oral health. As Chief Investigator, Professor Clive Wright led a team which included the late Dr Adele Campain and Mr Knute Carter that developed a robust predictive tool to confidently make informed decisions on the continued application of water fluoridation. His research work "Linking water fluoride with good dental health" was included as one of the 10 best Australian leading health and medical research projects funded by NHMRC. In 2011 we expanded our research areas with the appointment of Professor Clive Wright AM as the Professor of Geriatric Dentistry, increasing the number of professors associated with CERA to five. Professor Wright's appointment will create many new opportunities for ageing research and service delivery to older people. Among the areas to be investigated is the identification of ways carers can help maintain the oral health of older Australians living in aged care homes. Initial results from investigation into dental hygiene in residential aged care have been published in the Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology Journal, in 2011.  The  full published text of the study can be found on the Wiley On-line Library web site. Geriatric Dentistry Research