© Ageing And Alzheimers Institute 2014 You are here:  > AAAI Patron > Past Patrons Past Patrons Helen Zerefos Helen Zerefos is a coloratura soprano and her career spans over almost 50 years on stage, in television, in nightclubs, performing at concerts and making recordings. Helen was AARF’s patron from 1995 to 2002. In addition to performing at fund raising events, Helen always provided her time, talent and charm to promote AARF. Her recording of "Love & Music" and "Friends for Life" were made available for sale through AARF, further increasing our donation revenue. In 1996 in recognition of her services to charity - particularly to Alzheimer Research, Helen was awarded an OAM. Kay Worrall Kay Worrall (Granny Kay) is a grandmother who among other things is also a marathon runner and triathlete. Kay was AARF's patron from 2003 to 2006. During her time as patron of AARF, Kay raised funds by having people sponsor her marathon runs. Her contribution has been enormous,  and includes the substantial funds she raised as well as the impact she has made on the community's awareness of people who suffer from Alzheimers disease. Graham Felton OAM  Graham Felton was our patron for 10 years and received his OAM for service to the community through aged-care organisations.  Graham's association with AAAI comes through his awareness and concern for people suffering from Alzheimers disease. He has first hand knowledge of the devastating effects Alzheimers can have, having given up his teaching career to become his mother's carer during her long decline with the disease. Graham's goal has been to promote public awareness and encourage more research into the ageing process and the causes of various forms of dementia. His role as a fund raiser and his association with AAAI has been an opportunity to make a difference; to give older people a happier and healthier life. Most of Graham's fundraising events are self initiated and he has put in a tremendous amount of effort into the planning and organization; all of this before the first steps in a long distance walk, or the first mile in his long distance motor cycle rides. To gain some idea of Graham's contributions to AAAI, click on the events he has staged in the Events Section. Over the years we have indeed been fortunate in attracting notable patrons and prominent supporters to promote our aims. Their valuable contributions in creating favourable publicity and generating sponsorship have added to AAAI’s profile and substantially increased our funds. Graham Felton with Professor David Le Couteur at the OAM awards Graham receiving a Community Fundraising cheque from Matthew Pryce from Ritchies Stores