You are here:  > Events > Other Contributions Other Contributions Annual Reports For past Events and previous Annual Reports: Contact AAAI at    It is almost impossible to acknowledge all the people; there are so many, whose contributions to AAAI have made the Institute such an important part of our research funding. Our past Patrons and organizers of major fundraising events are mentioned elsewhere on this site, but their helpers/supporters, family and friends, who often don't get mentioned, deserve acclamation also. Then there are current and former Committee Members, research and support staff; both past and present, who have given their time and energy to promote research activities and help raise funds. Many of these people are mentioned in the formerly named Annual Reports and for those who are not, our thanks are equally applicable. To all our contributors and donors whoever you are, AAAI is very appreciative of your contribution. In the past we have utilised an online fundraising facility whereby supporters could participate in, or stage events and collect donations online. This online community "giving" facility is currently not available. However, we would like to acknowledge those people who made the effort in raising online funds for ageing and Alzheimers research.   They were: James Marshall's Fundraising Page Douglas Leversha Memorial Fund Amber Tickle's Swimming Fundraising Page Great North Walk Fundraising Page The Hickey's Fundraising Page Karthik Jagannathan's Fundraising Page Elizabeth Galvin's Fundraising Page Supporters raising funds using online facilities