You are here:  > Funded Research > About Funded Research The principal aim of the Institute is to improve the quality of life and health of older people.  This is achieved through the Institute’s funding support for the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA). We have undertaken research and education on healthy ageing and disorders associated with older age. The researchers and educators include staff of the University of Sydney and the Aged Care and Rehabilitation Department of Concord  Hospital. Our research work is multidisciplinary, involving laboratory investigations, clinical assessments, population studies, pharmacological research and, residential-community care investigations. Our staff includes world leading experts in their field, emerging young researchers, PhD students and support staff. The broad areas for AAAI's support are: Allow research to continue between funding from other research grants Support research partnerships with similar research institutions from around the world Provide scholarships and support for emerging young medical researchers Promote care for older people in the broader community Advocate the needs and rights of older people An important longterm goal for AAAI is to establish a large facility and infrastructure with ongoing funding to support ageing research into the future The main areas of AAAI’s support of CERA are: The Biology of Ageing, more details Population Studies into Ageing, more details Clinical Geriatric Medical Research, more details Pharmacology in Older People, more details Geriatric Dentistry, more details Young Researchers, more details Funded Research