What is a bequest? A bequest is a provision in your Will that names a recipient or recipients to be the benefactor of your estate.  Making a bequest can be considered as a gift or legacy that will ensure that people or organizations that you care about receive the support you intended. Bequests can vary in how they are formulated. You can specify an amount of money or a percentage of your estate, the remainder of your estate. Wording your Will AAAI strongly recommends that you seek legal advice before making your Will as it is important that your  bequest be correctly worded, so that it reflects your wishes. More information: If you have any questions regarding making bequest to AAAI, you can: Telephone AAAI on +612 9767 7212 Send an email message to AAAI, using this Email to AAAI link Download the Donation Support Form, print it, fill it in and indicate that you wish someone from AAAI to  contact you about making a bequest. Return the form to AAAI by either fax or mail.  Download the Donation Support Form  Bequest Donations:    The correct wording for your Bequest or Will is:                                                      ‘Ageing And Alzheimers Institute at Concord Hospital’    You are here:  > About Donations > Bequest Donations