© Ageing And Alzheimers Institute 2014 The AAAI includes those researchers, teachers and health care professionals committed to ageing, older people and geriatric medicine who are affiliated with the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA) and the Aged Care Department at Concord Hospital.   The Institute’s volunteer Advisory Committee consists of leading academics and members of the community who are committed to ensuring advances in research and care for older people are well supported into the future. The principal aim of the Institute is to improve the quality of life and health of older people.  This is achieved through AAAI’s funding support for CERA and Aged Care at Concord Hospital. CERA is Australia’s premier academic organization for the study of ageing and age-related diseases. Through innovative and multidisciplinary research, CERA aims to expand and share knowledge of human ageing, so that the health and quality of life of older people can be improved. What is AAAI You are here:  > About AAAI > What AAAI Our mission statements:  1.  To improve the health and productivity of older people through research into the ageing process. 2.  To improve the well- being and quality of life of older people, especially those with frailty or dementia, through research into health care. Research is critical in helping solve ageing issues Whether it is in the Laboratories or out in the field, the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing combined with Ageing and Alzheimers Institute pursue the answers for health and quality of life in older age. Our research is achieved through a broad program that incorporates clinical, laboratory, epidemiological and health service evaluation approaches. Allied to this are education programs, at basic and advanced levels of practice, in geriatric medicine and other education programs for aged care workers from a range of professional settings. AAAI and CERA are located at Concord Repatriation General Hospital, in the inner west of Sydney, Australia. Click to view a location map. Until 2012, fundraising for our research at CERA was undertaken by the Ageing and Alzheimers Research Foundation (AARF). The objective and personnel continued unchanged as the Ageing and Alzheimers Research Fund of Concord Hospital, then in 2014, as the Ageing And Alzheimers Institute.